Mt Baker Middle School Gymnastics 2021



*Note:  ALL orders will be delivered through the Head Coach only!  Brian Keller Photography will not ship any photos, and will only deliver to the Head Coach.

***When ordering, upon checkout, in the "notes" section, please list your athlete's first and last name so we can be sure to know who the order is for.  Thank you!


Photos below are representations of the photos you will order, they are  for reference only.

Gymnastics Gold (MB)

1- 8x10Gymastics Team

2-8x10 Individual

4-5x7 Individual

2-4x6 Individual

8-Individual Wallets



Gymnastics Silver (MB)

1- 8x10 Gymnastics Team

1- 8x10 Individual

2- 5x7 Individual

8-Individual Wallets


Gymnastics Bronze (MB)

1- 8x10 Gymnastics Team

2- 5x7 Individuals

8- Individual Wallets


Extra Options

8x10 Gymnastics Team (MB)


5x7 Gymnastics Team (MB)


4x6 Gymnastics Team (MB)


8 Gymnastics Individual Wallets (MB)


4x6 Gymnastics Buddy Photo (MB)

When checking out, please list names of athletes in the photo in the NOTES section.


8x10 Gymnastics Individual (MB)


5x7 Gymnastics Individual (MB)


4x6 Gymnastics Individual (MB)


Gymnastics Individual Magnet (MB)


Brian Keller Photography

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