Amber & David's Maternity Photoshoot

I've been fortunate to know Amber and her family for over 10 years, now.  We were first introduced to each other when she came to student teach with me from Central Washington University.  Not long after, she was offered a job teaching Spanish with me.  We have been next door work neighbors for all these years...first in portables, then the music building, then finally the top floor of the new Auburn High School.  During this time, we have become great friends and confidantes.  Just a few short years ago, Amber met David.  Amber and I eat lunch together every day and I can remember when she told me she had a date with a guy named David.  Now, if there was ever anybody who was so deserving of happiness, family, and a chance to be a mom, it is Amber.  As we watched a date turn into a relationship, and a relationship turn into marriage, I knew Amber was happy.  


Amber and David pulled me out of my own "never shoot a wedding" ban, and I shot their wedding for them.  It was a blast, and luckily the photos turned out well. :-)  Now, a couple of years later, and just a month away from her due date, it was time for Maternity photos.  So, we headed to Saltwater State Park, near where they live, to shoot some photos.  We were treated to an amazing sunset, a quiet state park, and it was apparent we would get some good photos.  I was worried about maternity shots involving driftwood, boulders, and walking this late in her term, but she was tough as nails...just like always.  We had a great time, and now I anxiously await the news in a few short weeks...will it be little Brian or little Brianna?!  That's the joke I play with them, knowing full well I have as much chance of that as I do of making the NFL.  But alas, soon she will be a mom and David will be a great dad too.  I am really happy for them!

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