This Week at Auburn High School-Wrestling & Gymnastics

This week, I had the privilege to photograph at the Wrestling and Gymnastics meets.  Since they were both at AHS on the same night and time, I circulated between the events for a couple of tiring hours of endlessly running up and down the stairs, hoping to be at the right place at the right time to get that epic, perfectly timed moment.  While not always successful, I had fun seeing kids doing what they love to do and train so hard for.  


The photo is of a student, Cedes Garcia, singing the national anthem before the wrestling meet.  With a voice that could compete on The Voice, she beautifully  belted out the National Anthem.  I was so impressed at her talent...standing there preparing for her wrestling match is stressful enough, but adding in singing in front of the crowd beforehand....impressive.


Gymnastics was also fun to photograph.  It is a challenging sport for photography, as the action is fast paced, the confines of the gym tight, and there are so many flips, tumbles, jumps, leaps, and sometimes falls, it is hard to get the moment right.  Our girls competed well, and their skill levels are amazing.  As I creaked and groaned from sitting in odd positions on the hard floor trying to get the perfect shot, feeling old, these kids were flying through the air, balancing effortlessly, and having a blast doing it.  It was truly a fun night getting to experience both sports.  Our kids at AHS are fantastic, and deserve to be recognized for all they do.

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