Sports Cameras...Which One Should I Buy?

Do you shoot a lot of sports?  Perhaps your kids play a sport, or you simply just love sports and want to get down into the action and get some photos of it.  But, what sports camera should you get if you do not want to shell out the almost $7000 for a professional level sports camera?  I have a few suggestions for you.  And, should you choose to purchase one, I would be grateful if you used the links I provide to purchase your gear.  It does not add a cent to your order, but gives me a small commission to help cover the costs of running this site.  Thanks in advance.


For Canon shooters:  I recommend the Canon 7D mark ii.  

The 7D mark ii is Canons pro-sumer camera.  It is an exceptional camera that offers a very fast frame rate, a wonderful autofocus system (hugely important in sports or any situation with rapid movement (think kids and pets too).  It also does well in low light, so those poorly lit high school stadiums will be much less problematic.  It is also a great wildlife camera, as the fact that it is a crop sensor camera means that it has more reach (200 mm on this camera is the equivalent of 320 mm on a full frame camera.  This is a great feature for wildlife and sports, as it allows you to get closer to the action.


For Nikon shooters:  I recommend the Nikon d7200.

This is the newest release from Nikon.  It has very similar specs to the Canon 7D mark ii.  Use the links to see detailed specifications of all the cameras mentioned.  This camera also does well in low light, and the Nikon lens lineup, like Canons, is impressive.  If there is a focal length of lens you need, you will find it with Nikon.  The frame burst rate is high also.  You cannot go wrong with this camera.  Build quality and ergonomics are typical of Nikon....sound.  


For Sony shooters:  I recommend the Sony a77ii.  

My personal camera.  I love this camera.  It is easy to hold in the hand, has great build quality, is very good in low light, and the autofocus system rocks.  In fact, in many reviews it holds its own against the $6000 pro versions of the Canon and Nikon.  It is a fun camera to use.  The feature I love the most is the Electronic Viewfinder.  This means you see the image on a screen when you look into the viewfinder.  Many purists, myself included, were skeptical of this, as looking through the lens of an optical viewfinder seemed so normal.  But, since you can see the changes on the image before you even take the image, you do not have to Spray and Pray.  You will know what your images look like before taking them.  In fact, when I shoot sports, I do not even look at the large LCD screen on the back.  You can also make all settings adjustment from the menus right in the viewfinder.  It is so efficient, I will never go back.  I put down the Canon 5d mark iii (a much more expensive camera) and have never looked back.  


Final note:

Most all brands of lenses can be rented through or  You can try any type of lens you might want.  It is a great resource for trying before you buy.  Check them out.

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