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2 Inexpensive Accessories for Smartphone Photography


In the past few weeks, I have been experimenting with a few accessories that will allow me to take better smartphone photos.  Now, as a disclaimer, I always prefer a dslr, as they give better image quality, but sometimes you want to get a quick picture of good quality when you either don't have your dslr, or don't have time to get it out, or don't have it with you.   Here are two accessories that will definitely help your photography when using a smartphone.


#1- A small tripod. 

Just like a regular tripod will help you get better images by stabilizing your regular camera, you can use a small tripod to better stabilize your smartphone.  I like this one.  It is small, packable, yet stable. It's all you need for such an instance.


#2- A smartphone holder for your tripod.

I have been using this one for a couple of weeks and it's really quite versatile.  It holds the phone tight in either landscape or portrait (horizontal or vertical) orientation.  It screws onto the tripod and you are set.  Check it out here.

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