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Photo Processing Software If you've ever wondered what many professional photographers use to process their images, this program is extremely popular. Adobe Lightroom 6 is available now, and is the industry standard for post processing software. It differs from it's sibling, Photoshop, in that it is also a photo organizing system that will let you keyword your images for fast, easy acquisition later. This program allows you to adjust the exposure, colors, contrast, light temperature, virtually every aspect of processing. It will remove spots, sharpen your images, and turn a good photo into an excellent photo. The learning curve is a tiny bit steep, but once you spend a bit of time with it, you will fall in love with it. I have "rescued" some photos shot with the wrong camera settings and turned them into usable photos. It is a stand alone product, but is also available from Adobe, bundled with Photoshop, on a cloud based subscription plan ($10/month at the time of this article). Give it a shot. It will change your photography for the better!



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