Got a strap for that camera?

If you are at all like me, the camera strap that came with your camera is really not very comfortable.  Whether it's walking around for hours while you are traveling in a new city, trying to carry your small children in your arms while still holding onto your camera (a common occurrence for me), or perhaps you have a backpack on or are carrying bulky items, a "normal" camera strap really gets in the way.  The way a strap digs into your neck is really uncomfortable.  So, what is a person to do?  After much experimentation, I have found my favorite camera strap of the past 30 years.  Black Rapid makes some great straps.  They fit over your shoulder, similar to a purse, but allow the camera to move up and down the strap, thereby letting it hang down from the strap, to be pulled back up for use.  It is simply a great camera strap.  I have tried the cheap knock-offs and they are not worth it.  Spring for the real deal, you won't regret it.

Black Rapid Sport Strap--This one has an underarm strap to really secure the camera and strap for when you need extra security.  Buy it here.  


Black Rapid Women's version--A slimmer version made specifically for women.  Buy it here.


Black Rapid Cross Shot Sling--A simplified, and cheaper version.  This one would be great for small, point and shoot style cameras.


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