Why you need a professional headshot for your Linkedin profile...

As you are aware, Linkedin is a huge player in the business world.  In fact, a huge number of prospective employers will look at Linkedin for either job postings or for viewing prospective applicants.  Did you know there are 350 million users, and 37% of all digital users in the US are on Linkedin?  Of those 37%, the average user will spend 17 minutes per month using Linkedin.  40% of all users will check their profile daily, and....drum roll please...you are 11 times more likely to have your profile viewed if you include a profile picture.  


Think of that last statistic.  With so many users on Linkedin, spending such a large amount of time using it, you are 11 TIMES more likely to be viewed.  That is HUGE!  Not having a profile picture is viewed as an incomplete profile, or dare I say, a profile that the user doesn't value.  What's more, the average adult will have 7 career changes in their working life.  The importance of maintaining your presence on Linkedin, and being taken seriously is absolutely critical for most people.  Yet, when I randomly look through Linkedin, you know what I sometimes see?  Either a profile with no picture at all, a snapshot..cropped to include the person's photo, or a photo that doesn't showcase a person's skillset.  I also know of very successful people whose pictures show a powerful, sophisticated, professional person.  


So, how do you want to be viewed by the huge population of job providers and job seekers on Linkedin?  Let me help you achieve the presence you deserve by taking your profile photo for you.  Fill out the contact form in the menu bar, and let's begin planning a photo shoot that will highlight the skilled professional you are.  

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